Healthy trees begin with healthy soils.
Due to advancements in both soil excavation tools and technologies, we are able to provide a variety of soil management services.

Tree Root Detection and Root Mapping
We are able to map main tree roots using advancement equipment such as the Fakopp Root Detector.
This enables main tree roots to be detected and mapped, and is used often for construction purposes
when planning utility routes or positions of pile foundations.

Soil De-compaction
Tree roots require a soil environment where water and nutrients can be absorbed. Compaction is a common cause of urban plant failure as it reduces oxygen and water availability, suffocating tree roots.

Using an air excavator, we are able to loosen the compacted soil and add much. This reinvigorates surface roots and promotes new root growth, directly helping improve tree health and vitality.

Tree Root Investigation Using Air Excavation
Air excavation can be used to investigate tree root decay or damage. Investigations may also be needed to determine the positions of tree roots particularly where trees are located near to new proposed developments.

Tree Root investigation is also sometimes required during construction activities. The location of tree roots may need to be determined when laying utilities or planning positions of new foundations.

Improving Soil Aeration and Nutrition
Using an Arb-Ex air excavation tool, soil around tree roots can be decompacted allowing water and air to percolate through the root system.

Mulch can be incorporated into the soil during decompaction, which provides the nutrients
that trees need in order to function and thrive.