Home buyer’s tree report

Or sometimes known as a tree mortgage report is a unique preliminary evaluation of the impacts trees have on built structures. Often requested by your insurance company or mortgage lender to assess the liability of trees on or close to the property and to provide reassurance before they commit to lending money or providing insurance cover.

Our report will include the following aspects:

  1. Assessment of the risk of indirect damage (subsidence) in respect of all trees and shrubs within the potential distance of influencing building structures at the above site, regardless of ownership of the trees and shrubs.
  2. Assessment of the risk of subsidence for adjacent properties in respect of trees and shrubs growing within the above site.
  3. Assessment of the risk of direct damage (by contact) to built structures excluding drains.
  4. Assessment of the health, condition and safety of the trees/shrubs within influencing distance on the site.
  5. Recommendations on the immediate and future management of the trees/shrubs, based on the assessment.



We at Selwyn trees have undertaken specific training in writing Home buyers’ reports and aim to respond quickly to requests to not hinder the home buying process.